Metal Carports, Steel Garages, Storage Sheds & RV Addresses

Galvanized steel carports starting at $895+Tax Provided and installed. Customizable. Our structures can accommodate a variety of every day uses. Need a metallic warehouse with a roll-up garage for easy launching and unloading? Or a custom-sized carport with metal pavilion to guard your vehicles from the next thunderstorm? Our metal buildings will serve your needs. You can customize the width and length, and choose from numerous additional conveniences such as windows and doors. You can even go with 12 gauge steel materials and wind-resisting anchors if you're looking for extra strength.
Yes, we have numerous sizes available for both our metal and metal garages. They can be 12 ft, 18 feet, 20 foot, 22 feet, or twenty-four feet wide. The triple-steel garages are built in 26-foot, 28-foot, and 30-foot widths. We also have 40-foot-wide models, available in lengths of 32 foot, 34 feet, 36 foot, 38 feet, and 45 feet. The lean-to model comes in at in 36 feet, 42 foot, 44 feet, 46 foot, and 48 feet. This has 12 feet on both sides of the building. The lengths start at 21 feet and get longer in 5-foot increments: 26 feet, 31 foot, 36 feet, 41 feet, 46 feet, 51 ft, 56 feet, 61 foot, 66 feet, 71 foot, 76 feet, 81 feet, 86 feet, 91 feet, 96 feet, and 101 feet. To make them longer than 41 feet, we attach two of our steel garages end to end, and they can be built longer than 101 feet. We recommend the vertical roof for any garage built 41 feet or longer.
Metallic buildings are widely used as garages for home business use. Metal don can be simple or complex. Some of our customers simply want a structure made completely out of steel with a man door and a rollup door, while others choose to add windows, skylights and even cranes. Whatever options you choose for your garage building, all will be included in one easy delivery to your job site.
Not only are our metal garages a budget-friendly option to traditional building methods, in addition they add significant value to your property and come standard with a 20 year materials warranty. When you allow Novelty helmet Carports to protect your investments with a custom metal building you're purchasing the highest quality and most durable steel in the market.
Choice Metal Buildings offers a full array of custom steel buildings in NC and throughout the united states. Our selection includes metal garages, carports, barns, storage sheds, and other steel buildings. When it comes to metal and steel building installation, there's no better partner than the friendly specialists at Choice Metal Buildings. Count on us for full-customizable steel and metal properties nationwide.metal garage sign art

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